Friday, August 1, 2008

Still Via HighTop

I think I am stuck on the Sidekick because of my fond memories of my 2. Before they infiltrated the ghetto of South, North, and West Philadelphia, before anyone except me had a zebra print Sidekick... Back in the day when you were Via Hiptop not "Via Sidekick", and you weren't stuck in the Sidekick/Blackberry limbo because your friends are now split in half. However, my hatred of the Sidekick began for two reasons. The first being, quite simply, T-Mobile sucks. No service anywhere, I don't even understand how I get through class anymore (aka since high school). And NUMBER TWO - the Sidekick 3 (aka the Devil). While my Sidekick 2 had the lifespan of about fifty million cats, my (large number of) Sidekick 3s did not have such strength. I cannot tell you the last time I saw my phone fully intact, or the last time I dropped it off a chair and a piece didn't pop off. ANYWAY! I still have a while until my T-Mobile contract is up and I knew my 3 wasn't going to make it, so yesterday I went and got the "Sidekick (2008)" that came out on July 30th (not to mention the low retail price of $300 -- they practically gave it to me). It is pretty much like the LX except much thinner... plus it has everything the LX update came with: keep away messages up while talking, available messages, video, much better e-mail, etc. The only thing I have found about it that I do not like is that the camera does not have a flash or the option for night time (however, the camera is approximately one million times better than on my 3). But the best thing and what my entire rant is getting at is the SHELLS. It is a feeling of excitement I have not experienced since my very first personal cell phone (ie: one I did not share with my parents simply for my solo mall trips), the Nokia with the changing face plate! Back then I switched between silver, orange, and (dir) zebra. Now I have so many shells to choose from (currently I have on the piss-ish green color it came with because I love how obnoxious it is) and I can't wait to start ordering them (a great way to avoid this paper I am working on). Oh, and soon I plan on having a great custom one made that is probably going to have Miss Dolce's face peaking out over the top.

First, and most obvious, choice:

The Croatian flag! No explanation needed.

This feather one because it reminds me of Mr. Bojangles plus it is a pretty color.

I like this feather one too, can't make up my mind.

~Zebra tan~ to remind me of the good ol' days.

Absinthe fairy because Lauren Pilla is absolutely hilarious.

Maybe even "Ghouls and Goblins" but only on days I am doing the Monster Mash.


no win said...

get a peacock feather oneeeeeeeeee. i need a new blackberry case. we'll put that on our list of "things we need to do" finding out the name of that blue nail polish is first.

Ross said...