Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's that time again...

Off to Sin City tomorrow. Couldn't come at a better time except I have approximately one thousand things to do before my flight tomorrow/I am going to be on the plane during the delayed continuance of the Phillies game (gah!). Friends, family, Criss Angel (lolz), gambling, shopping, spas, excessive amounts of drinking, the Grand Canyon?, oh and how could I forget...

HALLLLOWEEEEEINERRRR in Vegas V2.0! Can't wait to see a million Palin and Joker costumes (still mad there will be no Lauren Pilla as Heath Ledger as the Joker, but whatever).
Everyone be saaafe, have fun, don't have a lame cat costume, and most of all, eat as many of these as humanly possible.

And because I crack myself up oh so very much, you all should be aware that Greg Dobbs IS the new black:

Cole 'the Kitten' Hamels, Bane Victorino/Meerkat Victorino, Teddy Bear Howard, Jason 'Dragon' Werth and Pat Burrell as Ron Jeremy coming soon... LETS GO PHILLIES!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I know that the Obama 'HOPE' poster has been replicated everyyywhere, but I stole this one -- THE BEST ONE -- from my friend, Amanda:

And while we're on the subject of the most perfect and polite man in the entire world, somebody REALLY needs to get me this (for my birthday?!):

The Tim Gunn bobblehead would look so lovely next to my Sigmund 'Siggy' Freud action figure. And he EVEN says 'make it work' and 'carry on'! So it is extra easy for someone to gift this to me, you can buy it at the Official Bravo TV Store for only $24.95! Plleeeeeease?!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nuggets of Wisdom

I looove Chelsea Handler. She is the only present day female comedian I do not want to punch in the stomach each and every time they open their mouth (any guess who I am referring to?). Oh, wait, I obviously love Ellen too... Anyway, Chuy is pretty incredible in this PSA as well:

OH and I couldn't find this video on YouTube but if you want to see Emile Hirsch doing what he does best (which is being incredibly attractive)/telling you to vote, then go here.

Commercial Success?

I like Cat Power. I have for a long time now. But is it strange that I like her cover songs in commercials maybe more than her actual albums?

This one is OBVIOUSLY great because 'Space Oddity' has always been one of my favorite David Bowie songs, and we all know about my feelings for Bowie...

I also love Cat Stevens and this is one of the many commercials that makes me tear up every time (I am a sap).

Oh and this reminds me! I still really wish I had the D&G Ziggy Stardust shirt:

Come on... D&G + my Halloween costume last year = Meant to beeee.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Should've Played the Lottery Yesterday

Last night was SERIOUSLY more amazing than I ever could have hoped. While seeming very stressful in the beginning -- having to switch between the Project Runway finale and the PHILLIES against the Dodgers when the series was 3-1, come on! But anyway, it ended up AMAZING and everything went precisely how I wanted so, YAY.

The INCREDIBLE Philadelphia Phillies are GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES. Boo on you, Manny and Joe Torre! I will DIE if I get to got to a World Series game. Perhaps I will take this awesome offer into serious consideration. Uhh, lolz? But seriously, FUCK TAMPA LET'S GO PHILLIES!!! I, along with the rest of Philadelphia, are not going to be normal humans until this series is over... I apologize ahead of time.

And then there was Project Runway. Now, after falling in love with (the dreaded) Kenley's wedding dress, I began to worry that I might fall in love with her collection. However, those fears were quickly cast aside when I saw it and everything either a) sucked (Betsey Johnson clearance rack anyone?), b) ripped off of Balenciaga (you and I are on the exact same page, Nina), or c) ripped off of Alexander McQueen. Oh, yes Kenley, we know, you don't "look" at other designers. First of all, that is a blatant lie because I highly doubt it was just coincidence that you put out rip-offs of two of the most important designers in the world right now less than a year after they did it. But, if you really do not... YOU NEED TO. Throughout history, every important artist/designer/writer has not only looked at but learned from and collaborated with other important artists of their time. Tim was right when he said she needs a fashion history course. However, there was one non-rip-off that I LOVED:

Next was Korto who absolutely SHOCKED me in such a good way. Her line was so fun and original yet totally wearable. Seriously, give me these now:

I almost got torn between wanting her and Leanne to win because I LOVED her collection so much... however Leanne had been a consistent favorite of mine throughout the entire season and her collection was absolutely bringing fashion to a new level. It wasn't just "original" but her collection has seriously NEVER been seen before and I loved it!

Love you, you fabulous little bunny!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The TV Talks the Fear Right Out of You

Two albums I had been pretty excited about came out today...

Keane - Perfect Symmetry
This album, in typical Keane fashion, sounds a lot like The Killers. However, the songs are really fun/good and the album is definitely worth trying out. I have only listened to it completely through one time so far so I have to listen to it again a few times before I form a real opinion on it, but what I DO know is that listening to it that one time through is that it has made me even more excited for The Killers' new album, Day & Age, to come out on November 25 (or to leak before that). The first single, 'Human', is REALLY good... a little different sounding without sounding like a completely different band. And, from what I remember when I saw them in August, the other new songs sounded amazing as well. Now if they would only release a video for 'Human' so I could get my Brandon Flowers fill.

Copeland - You Are My Sunshine
They are one of those bands that I have loved forever (hi my screenname is from their first split EP that came out in high school) and although they never do anything revolutionary, they always come out with a good album with great lyrics sang by an incredible voice. And that is pretty much what this album is like. So if you like sappy ~love~ songs (that have gotten a bit more optimistic with this album) then you would really like the album. My personal ABSOLUTEFAVORITESONGTHATIAMOBSESSEDWITH is 'On the Safest Ledge'. Here is the (really bad) video for the first single, 'The Grey Man'...

Somebody send me more new music please? I have fallen behind!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Reasons to Love Philadelphia

Everyone's faaaavorite ~hockey mom~ getting intensely booed while dropping the first puck at the Flyers game.
(Uhh, who agreed that she could do this anyway?)

Phillies are 2-0 in the NLCS over the Dodgers.
#1. Fuck Manny Ramirez.
#2. Moyer, pleeeeeease do not fuck it up tonight.
#3. Cole Hamels, I am glad you exist...

I can't really pay attention to hockey (although I am super excited for it) or football (even though the Eagles actually won today!) until baseball is over... and with the Sillies getting closer and closer to the World Series, it gets more and more exciting/nerve wracking by the day! I cannot even IMAGINE what this city will be like if they make it... I really hope I get to find out!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Sign from God

Due to our excessive love of tailgating, Lauren and I decided WEEKS ago that we should buy an RV. Not only would it be perfect pre-baseball/football/hockey games, but we would never need to get a hotel room again! Think about it... drive, get wasted, sleep in your RV. Even after a stellar offer a group of older gentlemen gave us ($22k), my dad was not understanding our want, I AM SORRY -- NEED, for an RV. However, I feel now that this bad boy is on the market, that is all about to change:

While the inside is not yet furnished, we all know from the SPICEWORLD movie that the bus jumps drawbridges and that is just not something any standard RV does. Therefore, NEED NEED NEED. Perhaps we can make some sort of "deal" where they also include one of these, and then there will be no more questions asked:

A bug zapper! Why is this necessary, you may be wondering... WELL! For shots! And we have tested this out before. It is glorious. Although I am not sure it was properly rinsed and I did get shot in the face/hair, in theory it is an incredible idea and feel with more practice it will be the best idea in the entire world.

So if you want to hang in the bus, let me know.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paris Fashion Week Spring 09 RTW

Okay so these collections seriously made me DIE in my cubicle. Amaaaazing!


Louis Vuitton:

Marc Jacobs is HONESTLY a God amongst mere mortals and I feel honored to be on the same planet as him, uuugh obsessed.

Miu Miu:

The art inspired patterns have been my favorite for a few months now and this collection is taking it to a whole new level and it is absolutely incredible...



John Galliano:

This print showed up a few times throughout the collection and I am pretty much in love with it.

Yves Saint Laurent:

Overall this collection was pretty simple and it was pretty disappointing because I felt Stefano Pilati could have been much more innovative, however I was very happy to not be seeing the shiniest black lips on every model.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Every Cup Counts

If you want your political voice to be heard through your daily coffee cup (or daily 5 coffee cups if you are me), stop by 7-11 for 7-Election! They have Obama and McCain 20oz coffee cups and a website that shows you the results of who is "winning" by tracking every cup sold. The current national results are Obama 58% and McCain 42% (McCain is only winning in two states - New Hampshire and West Virginia)... lets keep our fingers crossed that the real election goes this well. Oh and if you haven't yet, today is the LAST DAY to register to vote in Pennsylvania!

Friday, October 3, 2008

~*~*~Sarah Palin Luuuvuuvuvuv~*~*~****

It really boggles my mind after the VP debates last night (and this past month in general) that people can take Sarah Palin seriously. Oh and to make this clear before my rant, I do not dislike Republicans, I simply think that the Republican candidates for this election happen to be horrendous. Palin's stand-up comedy routine last night was nothing but avoiding the question and attack tactics (plus she referred to Biden as an Obama-Biden hybrid, "Obiden"), and in the end, all that we learned about the Republicans' campaign was, basically, that THEY DO NOT THINK BUSH HAS DONE ANYTHING WRONG. Palin and McCain are, to put it lightly, STUPID, if they do not have any plans to change George W. Bush's economic and foreign policy positions that over these last eight years have proven to be absolutely horrendous. Pulling out of a pointless war is not "throwing out a white flag", it is admitting to a mistake and not putting any more American lives at risk because of it. Only a greedy and bloodthirsty leader would not realize that we should be planning how to pull the troops out of the middle east, and a good leader MUST admit when they are wrong otherwise problems will never be resolved. Oh and, the economy isn't really thaaaaat bad, huh? To quote Sarah Palin, "Uuuuuummmmmmm..........". On a lighter note, I now love Joe Biden a THOUSAND TIMES MORE because he was laughing at Palin throughout the entire debate. And for further laughs:

Only a few days left so REGISTER TO VOTE! And we all know that anybody who likes Sarah Palin is not a person with a brain sooo, lets not make them happy!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kenley Must Go!

I haven't posted about Project Runway in a while... but, a few weeks ago I decided I wanted the final 3 to be Leanne (aka Bunny #1), Jerrell, and Korto. At this point I REALLY cannot decide who I like best out of these three but am super excited to see their final collections and decide who my favorite is. They all have very different points of view yet are all relevant to everything going on in the fashion world today. But, what I was positive about was this one thing: Kenley must NOT be a part of the final 3. Yes, at first I really enjoyed her work but ... okay, we get it, you do 50s inspired dresses. THRILLING. However, this lack of innovation was not the thing that put me over the edge with her... it is the fact that she has THEEE worst attitude in the entire world. #1, don't blame everyone else (poor Bunny) for your short comings and mistakes. #2, take constructive criticism to heart and do just get defensive (believe it or not, Tim Gunn DOES know what he is talking about, and 98% of the time the judges DO agree with him). #3, very important point here - DO NOT SASS HEIDI! Ok, a little sassin' might be acceptable once. But. Being an outright bitch to Heidi. No no no!

Last nights episode (Nature Calls) was kiiind of upsetting (ie: lots of what were they thinking moments) but I feel that often happens when it is down to the final 4 on the show because it is so stressful! Anyway, the runway looks:

By Jerrell
This was my favorite look of the four. While the judges were correct that it could have been cleaned up quite a bit, I thought it was creative and beautiful, plus really reflected the idea of the challenge. WINNER!

By Leanne
While the structure is down really beautifully and it definitely looks like a lavender, the blue fabric in the back reeeally grossed me out. But asides from that, pretty but nothing spectacular.

By Korto
I think the bodice is done REALLY well and I can appreciate her stepping out of her comfort zone but uhhh, yuck?

By Kenley
This is one of those times that are few and far between when I am honestly lost for words. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING. Who in their right mind would ever think this was a good idea to make/wear? Ugh.

Now aside from the fact that Kenley hasn't exactly been WOWING anyone and is the biggest bitch to be walking on this planet (oh, and how irritating is her voice?) how was ^THAT^ dress not enough to get her eliminated!? The whole 4peopledofinalcollectionson3showatfashionweek ALREADY happened last year. Tisk tisk producers, couldn't think of a new twist? Maybe/hopefully Kenley will use human hair in her collection and get the automatic boot like Chris did last season. Although, when I was looking at the Givenchy S/S 09 RTW Runway collection, I couldn't tell if a trim on a few pieces was fur or hair (I need to look into this...), so maybe Chris had the right idea?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


For those of you who are Obama supporters, lovers of THE BOSS, or will be in the Philadelphia area on Saturday...

Come hang out (right outside of my apartment!) and watch a special - FREE - performance by Bruce Springsteen while supporting Vote for Change(for any of you idiots who are still not registered to vote, there are only 6 days left... so register! It is IMPORTANT)! Click the image above to get your free tickets or to find out how you can get (free) preferred seating tickets by becoming a volunteer!

Now if onlyyyyy my Zac Posen for Barack Obama shirt would be here by then!

Sidenote: my very first Zac Posen purchase and as I have said before, I am OBSESSED with him, so this makes me very happy!
To check out/buy more designs in support of Barack Obama by some of the most AMAZING designers (Diane von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, Proenza Shoeler, Alexander Wang, Vera Wang, to name a few...) go to the Runway for Change store!

And continuing on this Obama post, the incredible artist Mark Ryden did an amazing limited edition (only 500 prints!) lithograph poster with Merry Karnowsky, and ALL of the proceeds will go to the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign! For more information go to MarkRyden.com.
The Pumpkin President

It is really inspiring how many influential people have gotten so involved in this EXTREMELY important Presidential election. I really admire those who are not preaching or pressing their opinions but just really doing anything they can to help out, whether it is designing a bag, creating art, or playing music... Everyone: prove that our generation is not full of a lot of lazy morons who don't care and VOTE!