Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Reasons to Love Philadelphia

Everyone's faaaavorite ~hockey mom~ getting intensely booed while dropping the first puck at the Flyers game.
(Uhh, who agreed that she could do this anyway?)

Phillies are 2-0 in the NLCS over the Dodgers.
#1. Fuck Manny Ramirez.
#2. Moyer, pleeeeeease do not fuck it up tonight.
#3. Cole Hamels, I am glad you exist...

I can't really pay attention to hockey (although I am super excited for it) or football (even though the Eagles actually won today!) until baseball is over... and with the Sillies getting closer and closer to the World Series, it gets more and more exciting/nerve wracking by the day! I cannot even IMAGINE what this city will be like if they make it... I really hope I get to find out!

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