Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Sign from God

Due to our excessive love of tailgating, Lauren and I decided WEEKS ago that we should buy an RV. Not only would it be perfect pre-baseball/football/hockey games, but we would never need to get a hotel room again! Think about it... drive, get wasted, sleep in your RV. Even after a stellar offer a group of older gentlemen gave us ($22k), my dad was not understanding our want, I AM SORRY -- NEED, for an RV. However, I feel now that this bad boy is on the market, that is all about to change:

While the inside is not yet furnished, we all know from the SPICEWORLD movie that the bus jumps drawbridges and that is just not something any standard RV does. Therefore, NEED NEED NEED. Perhaps we can make some sort of "deal" where they also include one of these, and then there will be no more questions asked:

A bug zapper! Why is this necessary, you may be wondering... WELL! For shots! And we have tested this out before. It is glorious. Although I am not sure it was properly rinsed and I did get shot in the face/hair, in theory it is an incredible idea and feel with more practice it will be the best idea in the entire world.

So if you want to hang in the bus, let me know.

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no winners here said...

i can't wait to pee in your bus potty fix my hair in your review mirror and honk at anything with a penis