Friday, October 3, 2008

~*~*~Sarah Palin Luuuvuuvuvuv~*~*~****

It really boggles my mind after the VP debates last night (and this past month in general) that people can take Sarah Palin seriously. Oh and to make this clear before my rant, I do not dislike Republicans, I simply think that the Republican candidates for this election happen to be horrendous. Palin's stand-up comedy routine last night was nothing but avoiding the question and attack tactics (plus she referred to Biden as an Obama-Biden hybrid, "Obiden"), and in the end, all that we learned about the Republicans' campaign was, basically, that THEY DO NOT THINK BUSH HAS DONE ANYTHING WRONG. Palin and McCain are, to put it lightly, STUPID, if they do not have any plans to change George W. Bush's economic and foreign policy positions that over these last eight years have proven to be absolutely horrendous. Pulling out of a pointless war is not "throwing out a white flag", it is admitting to a mistake and not putting any more American lives at risk because of it. Only a greedy and bloodthirsty leader would not realize that we should be planning how to pull the troops out of the middle east, and a good leader MUST admit when they are wrong otherwise problems will never be resolved. Oh and, the economy isn't really thaaaaat bad, huh? To quote Sarah Palin, "Uuuuuummmmmmm..........". On a lighter note, I now love Joe Biden a THOUSAND TIMES MORE because he was laughing at Palin throughout the entire debate. And for further laughs:

Only a few days left so REGISTER TO VOTE! And we all know that anybody who likes Sarah Palin is not a person with a brain sooo, lets not make them happy!

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