Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kenley Must Go!

I haven't posted about Project Runway in a while... but, a few weeks ago I decided I wanted the final 3 to be Leanne (aka Bunny #1), Jerrell, and Korto. At this point I REALLY cannot decide who I like best out of these three but am super excited to see their final collections and decide who my favorite is. They all have very different points of view yet are all relevant to everything going on in the fashion world today. But, what I was positive about was this one thing: Kenley must NOT be a part of the final 3. Yes, at first I really enjoyed her work but ... okay, we get it, you do 50s inspired dresses. THRILLING. However, this lack of innovation was not the thing that put me over the edge with her... it is the fact that she has THEEE worst attitude in the entire world. #1, don't blame everyone else (poor Bunny) for your short comings and mistakes. #2, take constructive criticism to heart and do just get defensive (believe it or not, Tim Gunn DOES know what he is talking about, and 98% of the time the judges DO agree with him). #3, very important point here - DO NOT SASS HEIDI! Ok, a little sassin' might be acceptable once. But. Being an outright bitch to Heidi. No no no!

Last nights episode (Nature Calls) was kiiind of upsetting (ie: lots of what were they thinking moments) but I feel that often happens when it is down to the final 4 on the show because it is so stressful! Anyway, the runway looks:

By Jerrell
This was my favorite look of the four. While the judges were correct that it could have been cleaned up quite a bit, I thought it was creative and beautiful, plus really reflected the idea of the challenge. WINNER!

By Leanne
While the structure is down really beautifully and it definitely looks like a lavender, the blue fabric in the back reeeally grossed me out. But asides from that, pretty but nothing spectacular.

By Korto
I think the bodice is done REALLY well and I can appreciate her stepping out of her comfort zone but uhhh, yuck?

By Kenley
This is one of those times that are few and far between when I am honestly lost for words. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING. Who in their right mind would ever think this was a good idea to make/wear? Ugh.

Now aside from the fact that Kenley hasn't exactly been WOWING anyone and is the biggest bitch to be walking on this planet (oh, and how irritating is her voice?) how was ^THAT^ dress not enough to get her eliminated!? The whole 4peopledofinalcollectionson3showatfashionweek ALREADY happened last year. Tisk tisk producers, couldn't think of a new twist? Maybe/hopefully Kenley will use human hair in her collection and get the automatic boot like Chris did last season. Although, when I was looking at the Givenchy S/S 09 RTW Runway collection, I couldn't tell if a trim on a few pieces was fur or hair (I need to look into this...), so maybe Chris had the right idea?

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