Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The TV Talks the Fear Right Out of You

Two albums I had been pretty excited about came out today...

Keane - Perfect Symmetry
This album, in typical Keane fashion, sounds a lot like The Killers. However, the songs are really fun/good and the album is definitely worth trying out. I have only listened to it completely through one time so far so I have to listen to it again a few times before I form a real opinion on it, but what I DO know is that listening to it that one time through is that it has made me even more excited for The Killers' new album, Day & Age, to come out on November 25 (or to leak before that). The first single, 'Human', is REALLY good... a little different sounding without sounding like a completely different band. And, from what I remember when I saw them in August, the other new songs sounded amazing as well. Now if they would only release a video for 'Human' so I could get my Brandon Flowers fill.

Copeland - You Are My Sunshine
They are one of those bands that I have loved forever (hi my screenname is from their first split EP that came out in high school) and although they never do anything revolutionary, they always come out with a good album with great lyrics sang by an incredible voice. And that is pretty much what this album is like. So if you like sappy ~love~ songs (that have gotten a bit more optimistic with this album) then you would really like the album. My personal ABSOLUTEFAVORITESONGTHATIAMOBSESSEDWITH is 'On the Safest Ledge'. Here is the (really bad) video for the first single, 'The Grey Man'...

Somebody send me more new music please? I have fallen behind!

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