Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rock of Love 2

I actually kind of really hate Rock of Love 2 and think Wet Michaels is in serious need of a new wig buuut, I am addicted to this garbage anyway. So, my take on the Holy Trinity (aka: the final three)...


You are really annoying and have dumb hair and an even dumber face.
PS: nice hat.



Daisy (DeLaHoya, ahem...):

Even though the tattoos on your throat are the worst, you possibly have a little bit too much fun with plastic surgery, and cry more in one episode than most people do within their entire lives... you are adoraaaable and I might be in love with you?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eliza Patent Sandal

I am normally not the BIGGEST Jimmy Choo fan but these Eliza Patent sandals are basically TODIEFOR. I love the contrasting teal heel (especially since it is in one of my favorite colors) on the black... it is really very beautiful and makes this otherwise fairly simple shoe a real statement piece. The red version of this shoe, however, does not even make me the smallest bit excited. Don't get me wrong -- they are... cute, just not faaabulous. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Funny Games Remake

So, like many people who are in love with the original German/Austrian Funny Games (1997), I was slightly skeptical about the US remake. Also, I wondered... why do it again now, more than 10 years later? But after seeing the remake, I completely realize why the director, Michael Haneke (he did the original & the remake), chose to do this new version. This version was much BETTER than the original, and it was entirely because of the acting/casting. Personally I felt every single main character in this movie fit their role perfectly. It is incredible how great both Tim Roth and Naomi Watts are conveying every single emotion -- especially when some of those emotions are so ineffectively acted out very often. Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet did an amazing job portraying the part of sociopathic serial killers that are so charming you have a love/hate relationship with them (however, I only have love for Michael Pitt). While in general the movie was exactly the same, the dialogue in some very crucial scenes was extended and it really helped to add to the development of the characters. Another thing that I loved about the remake was that they used the same (insane) German music that they used in the original; when the music comes in the first time it is just so unexpected and they used it in a really powerful way. I really recommend this movie but I would suggest seeing the original first in order to get a true appreciation for what a fabulous remake this really is.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Cozumel, Mexico is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to. I am definitely one for island vacations and have been to more than a few different islands in the Caribbean. Cozumel is small compared to the other Mexican tourist destinations and with far fewer tourists. This makes it a bit more pricey but in my opinion -- it was worth every penny. My stay at the all-inclusive Melia Resorts couldn't have been more pleasant. The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly while humoring my very out of practice Spanish. They made sure to give us free vouchers and coupons for as many things as possible, such as cab rides and entrance to Carlos&Charlies and Senor Frogs. There was always more food than anyone could handle at one time and the dinners had "themed" nights. The location of dinner would be in a different spot depending on the theme (ie: on the beach, in a fancy restaurant, etc) and the food was always to die for. Although as a vegetarian I always face the problem at places like this with not having enough to eat, I felt I always had a very decent selection of dishes and never walked away from dinner still hungry. They had a large amount of bars with a enormous selection of drinks and the bartenders always knew what drink you were probably going to order as soon as you walked... or swam, up to the bar. Another really exciting part about the "all-inclusive" aspect of this resort was that the water sports were included, along with bartending lessons, dance classes, and things of the like. The rooms were BEAUTIFUL and far bigger than I was expecting with an entire living area and marble bathrooms. And I was in for a very exciting surprise when I realized our balcony was overlooking the water! The pool was a decent size (although I never actually got in it -- I guess I am more of a beach person) and the beach itself was fairly small but not at all crowded. The only thing I could possibly find to complain about would be to comment on the obscenely large amount of seaweed in the water where it met the sand.
The most famous ruins of Cozumel, San Gervasio, were about a 40 minute cabride away and definitely worth the visit. These Mayan ruins are far from ancient (being built around 1200 AD) and sort of... "humble" in size. So while I definitely enjoyed them, I still would like the opportunity to one day visit Chichen Itza.
This has been quite the tangent, but I would definitely recommend Cozumel and Melia Resorts to anyone who is looking for a nice beach getaway. I am even considering looking into the Sol Melia Vacation Club, so there could be another entry similar to this one in the future!

(A few more pictures can be seen on my Flickr -- which I am going to try to actually start using. It is linked to the right.)

Edit: I went to Perez Hilton a minute after posting this and came to find out that Tara Reid was at the Melia in Cancun at the same time that I was in Cozumel, errr - HA!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project Runway Finale

Project Runway season 4 finale tonight... PR finales are always so exciting/sad because I don't want to have to wait for another season and Wednesday is all of our favorite night because of Project Runway (Okay maybe not everyones). Anyway, I think talent-wise this season has definitely been the best and most interesting. As of this exact moment, I am really pulling for Jillian to win. I feel out of the three, she obviously is not the most innovative, but she (unlike both of the other two) does not really strictly on one subject to base every single piece around. Christian's collar. And I don't even think I need to mention Rami's habit. However, I feel any of the three are capable of making an absolutely amazing collection and since I refuse to have the season ruined for me by taking a sneak peak at the Bryant Park collections, I will just have to wait for the finale to see who really is the best. And for the record, I called the final three since the first episode. So if Nina Garcia ever wants to step down from her position, I am very willing to take her place. Oh, and I am obviously most excited for this part of tonight's episode (I love you, Mrs. Beckham):

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Zipper Craze!

One of my favorite new trends this spring/summer, particularly in shoes, is the "faux zipper". All of these otherwise simple sandals are transformed into these God-like beings that it makes me question if it is really such a horrible idea to spend $835 on a pair of sandals. Burberry makes a great one (Zip Sandal, $795) with fabulous "matching" bags (Zip Clutch, $995 & Zip Hobo, $1995). Anyway, these zippers are beginning to compete with the color mustard and high waistlines for my favorite fashion trend (but lets just hope high waistlines are not just a trend and the super lowrise does not come back in style -- there has been enough buttcrack exposure in the past few years to last an eternity).

Christian Louboutin's Zipper Sandal, $835
In Black and White

Matt Bernson's Swain Sandal, $198

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Disney Dream

Anne Leibovitz has been one of my favorite photographers for a really long time now, and I STILL cannot get over her recent Disney Dream series. Not only is it amazing photography, lots of great celebrities, but they are all based on one of my biggest obsessions (ever) -- Disney! I LOVE IT. My personal favorite is the Cinderella one with Scarlett Johannson... my favorite Disney movie and one of my favorite actresses. Okay, I don't know if she is actually one of my favorite actresses but she is incredibly beautiful and so much more respectful than most of the "celebrities" that are her age.
And while I love the entire series (which everyone should take a look at, btw -- it's all over the web) I think my other favorite is the Alice in Wonderland one, although I do think Beyonce is a quite peculiar choice for Alice? Still a great shot from a movie that is used as photo inspiration really frequently.