Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Zipper Craze!

One of my favorite new trends this spring/summer, particularly in shoes, is the "faux zipper". All of these otherwise simple sandals are transformed into these God-like beings that it makes me question if it is really such a horrible idea to spend $835 on a pair of sandals. Burberry makes a great one (Zip Sandal, $795) with fabulous "matching" bags (Zip Clutch, $995 & Zip Hobo, $1995). Anyway, these zippers are beginning to compete with the color mustard and high waistlines for my favorite fashion trend (but lets just hope high waistlines are not just a trend and the super lowrise does not come back in style -- there has been enough buttcrack exposure in the past few years to last an eternity).

Christian Louboutin's Zipper Sandal, $835
In Black and White

Matt Bernson's Swain Sandal, $198

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Kierstan Burke said...

I'm pretty sure I need those sandals!!