Saturday, March 22, 2008

Funny Games Remake

So, like many people who are in love with the original German/Austrian Funny Games (1997), I was slightly skeptical about the US remake. Also, I wondered... why do it again now, more than 10 years later? But after seeing the remake, I completely realize why the director, Michael Haneke (he did the original & the remake), chose to do this new version. This version was much BETTER than the original, and it was entirely because of the acting/casting. Personally I felt every single main character in this movie fit their role perfectly. It is incredible how great both Tim Roth and Naomi Watts are conveying every single emotion -- especially when some of those emotions are so ineffectively acted out very often. Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet did an amazing job portraying the part of sociopathic serial killers that are so charming you have a love/hate relationship with them (however, I only have love for Michael Pitt). While in general the movie was exactly the same, the dialogue in some very crucial scenes was extended and it really helped to add to the development of the characters. Another thing that I loved about the remake was that they used the same (insane) German music that they used in the original; when the music comes in the first time it is just so unexpected and they used it in a really powerful way. I really recommend this movie but I would suggest seeing the original first in order to get a true appreciation for what a fabulous remake this really is.

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