Saturday, March 1, 2008

Disney Dream

Anne Leibovitz has been one of my favorite photographers for a really long time now, and I STILL cannot get over her recent Disney Dream series. Not only is it amazing photography, lots of great celebrities, but they are all based on one of my biggest obsessions (ever) -- Disney! I LOVE IT. My personal favorite is the Cinderella one with Scarlett Johannson... my favorite Disney movie and one of my favorite actresses. Okay, I don't know if she is actually one of my favorite actresses but she is incredibly beautiful and so much more respectful than most of the "celebrities" that are her age.
And while I love the entire series (which everyone should take a look at, btw -- it's all over the web) I think my other favorite is the Alice in Wonderland one, although I do think Beyonce is a quite peculiar choice for Alice? Still a great shot from a movie that is used as photo inspiration really frequently.


Ross said...

i love these series of photos. have you seen the vanity faire maybe vogue series with shots from old movies like helen hunt in the phone booth for The Birds?

Taryn said...

yeah! i think the birds one was with jodie foster? but even better is the wizard of oz set she did for vogue with keira knightly as dorothy... so good, if you haven't seen them you should check it out.