Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Should've Played the Lottery Yesterday

Last night was SERIOUSLY more amazing than I ever could have hoped. While seeming very stressful in the beginning -- having to switch between the Project Runway finale and the PHILLIES against the Dodgers when the series was 3-1, come on! But anyway, it ended up AMAZING and everything went precisely how I wanted so, YAY.

The INCREDIBLE Philadelphia Phillies are GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES. Boo on you, Manny and Joe Torre! I will DIE if I get to got to a World Series game. Perhaps I will take this awesome offer into serious consideration. Uhh, lolz? But seriously, FUCK TAMPA LET'S GO PHILLIES!!! I, along with the rest of Philadelphia, are not going to be normal humans until this series is over... I apologize ahead of time.

And then there was Project Runway. Now, after falling in love with (the dreaded) Kenley's wedding dress, I began to worry that I might fall in love with her collection. However, those fears were quickly cast aside when I saw it and everything either a) sucked (Betsey Johnson clearance rack anyone?), b) ripped off of Balenciaga (you and I are on the exact same page, Nina), or c) ripped off of Alexander McQueen. Oh, yes Kenley, we know, you don't "look" at other designers. First of all, that is a blatant lie because I highly doubt it was just coincidence that you put out rip-offs of two of the most important designers in the world right now less than a year after they did it. But, if you really do not... YOU NEED TO. Throughout history, every important artist/designer/writer has not only looked at but learned from and collaborated with other important artists of their time. Tim was right when he said she needs a fashion history course. However, there was one non-rip-off that I LOVED:

Next was Korto who absolutely SHOCKED me in such a good way. Her line was so fun and original yet totally wearable. Seriously, give me these now:

I almost got torn between wanting her and Leanne to win because I LOVED her collection so much... however Leanne had been a consistent favorite of mine throughout the entire season and her collection was absolutely bringing fashion to a new level. It wasn't just "original" but her collection has seriously NEVER been seen before and I loved it!

Love you, you fabulous little bunny!

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no winners here said...

were you part of the 'PHILLY IS ON FIRE LETS PARTY IN THE STREET' celebration because I fucking was. history in the making baby and I saw a man hi-five a police officer who winked at me. xxx