Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bunny Showdown

I missed the chance for commentary on Project Runway Season 5 Episode 2 because I was too busy going to Las Vegas, buuut now that I am back, onto episode 3...

I was VERY happy about the winner (as well as the runner-up), but not so excited about their choice of who to send home. And now that I think about it, I have disagreed with every person they have sent home so far this season.


Designed by Kenley
I was reallyyyy happy Kenley won since I wanted her to but then was having my doubts and thought the judges might choose Leanne. Everything about this is amazing -- the volume in the skirt, placement of the tulle, and ESPECIALLY the print!

Designed by Bunny #1 (aka Leanne)
Definitely a HUGE improvement from her dress last week when I wanted her to go home. The skirt is done perfectly but it just didn't have the flashy quality that Kenley's did.

Did not loooove:

Designed by Emily
While the placement of those ruffles are basically the most unflattering thing evernd I don't know how ANY designer would think otherwise), I wanted to see more of what Emily had to offer...

Designed by Bunny #2 (aka Jennifer)
This is just sooo frumpy, what woman in their right mind would wear this out for a fun night on the town? Boring boring boring, and what is even worse... I can't remember anything else she has done in the previous episodes. She should have been sent home because of this. Plus, having two bunny rabbits is getting really confusing:
#1. #2.

Oh, and finally... who on EARTH decided to have Sandra Bernhard as a guest judge!? Why why why.


David Dust said...

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Ross said...

second and last one are my faves.

taryn said...

ross <3s bunnies