Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway Season 5 - Episode 1

So last night was the start of a brand new season of Project Runway (fifth season already?! I hope it doesn't go ANTM on us), and therefore I obviously have TONS to discuss. And just to warn anyone who may care, this contains "spoilers".

First, my favorites:

Designed by Wesley.
This is really wearable and a fun color with nice detailing. With all of his Marc by Marc Jacobs experience I am expecting great things from Wesley.

Designed by Keith.
I LOVE this and would definitely wear it (I am actually ordering a similar looking dress in the next day or two). And I must admit, I didn't think I was going to like this guy when he was talking about his "urban" wear, but I can't wait to see what else he makes.

Designed by Daniel.
This dress, made entirely of plastic cups, REALLY was creative -- something the judges are obviously looking for in a grocery store challenge. Not only was it creative, but it still looks great, so I think he should have won! And, I have a major crush on Daniel.

Designed by Kelli.
Winning Look
While I think she could have done something more with the top, the skirt (made of vaccuum cleaner bags that were dyed and bleached) is absolutely beautiful.

Designed by Kenley.
Really great skirt, nice top, overall good look.

And now, what I HATED (so painfully obvious):

Designed by Jerry.
Ok, so this is totally American Psycho-esque and I do not think any woman in their right mind would wear this out on the town as he suggested. However, I do think that he had a good solid idea/design but it just didn't turn out right. I do not think that he should have been eliminated.

Designed by Stella.
I 100% feel she should have been eliminated for this look. It is trash bags and looks like nothing more than trash bags. This took absolutely no talent to execute and I think they kept her on just to have a "punk rocker" (I mean, we already have Vivienne Westwood... what the hell do we need Stella for?). Ohhh, reality television.

I would also like to point out that I hate the tan man (Blayne) and his stupid diaper outfit very much as well. But I am really excited for the new season because I think there definitely seems to be some quality designers!

And as a side note, last season's winner, Christian Siriano (you obviously know this unless you have been living in a cave), will be debuting his line on Bluefly at the end of this month.

I am really excited to see and cannot wait to get my hands on one of his incredible blouses!

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liz said...

i can't believe i missed it, what the f. p..s megan refers to our (joint) bf/husband shia as shi becauss she's so hot that she can do whatever she wants, but we're pretty hot too.. so shi it is.