Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Stuff

Just for a minute I would like to brag about some of my favorite new things that I got during my (much too short) trip to Los Angeles to visit my best friend.

Betsey Johnson 'Bohemian Betsey' Ring
The Betsey store on Melrose was having THE MOST AMAZING sale ever (I'm talking 2 for 1). I also got this PERFECT denim romper and adorable, flashy dress! They are incredible but I can't find pictures of them online.

Carved Lucite Electro Cameo Mod Ring from Tarina Tarantino
Tarina Tarantino is one of my favorite west coast stores (edit: Arielle told me there is a Tarina Tarantino in SoHo!). I always find soo many cute things when I go there!

Chanel 3135 Glasses -- FINALLY! Now I just need to get my prescription filled.

Chanel nailpolish in 'Rodeo Drive' (the light purple one) from the Robertson Blvd. collection. While I love this nailpolish I must admit I was slightly annoyed when three days after I purchased I got an e-mail saying that the "exclusive" collection is now available for purchase on Ohhh well!

Aromatherapy Interventions from Kitson. Soooo good!

Minnetonka Black Ankle Hi Tramper Boot from Kitson. Even though I promised myself not to buy any shoes for a while -- I just couldn't resist!

Okay weeeee, I shop WAY too much.


erynn said...

jesus christ! i love everything. im jealous of your ring, nail polish, booties, etc etc lol. and post pics of your YSL bag giiiirl ;)

liz said...

i wanna see yo ysl bag too. and you forgot that qt dress from traffic and i HATE YOU for those perfect chanel glasses.... i willllll have them someday.

taryn said...

oh there will be pictures of the ysl as soooon as it gets here :) ps erynn lets go shopping together asaaap

Closet Cupcake said...

Ohh any photos of the Chanel's on? I really like them!