Friday, July 11, 2008

6126 by Lindsay Lohan

SHOPINTUITION has Lindsay Lohan's new ~leggings~ line (as if nobody knows about American Apparel), 6126 by Lindsay Lohan, up for sale. In general, I hate celebrity fashion lines and they are RARELY successful (I love Jovovich-Hawk, Elizabeth & James, and obviously L.A.M.B. -- I don't even like DVB). 6126 is not any different than all of the other celebrity fashion lines that I despise.

Mr. President in Black, $132
All I have to say is... knee pads? Seriously? Oh, and $132? Seriously?

Glimmer Leggings in Black/Gold, $99
Don't they have these at American Apparel for like, $30?

Dom Leggings in Black, $123
I actually really like these ones but would never pay that much for leggings... especially knowing they were "designed" by Lindsay Lohan.

Leopard Ankle Gloves, $42
Would anyone EVER actually wear these horrible things?

Basically, she should have given up (on everything) after Mean Girls.

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