Thursday, January 15, 2009

SO Good

Philadelphia sports teams = reason to live


Heather said...

Love that picture, lol.

I was REALLY torn between the speedy and the neverfull. I was actually going to just buy a monogram neverfull GM for school but I'm done school and it seems a bit overkill for me. I saw the roses collection in Bal Harbour (which btw if you are ever near Miami GO THERE, IT'S AMAZING) and it wasn't me, the graffiti is pretty much ridiculous and I fell in love with the pink as soon as I saw it, and my speedy 25 is just too small, and I like that the speedy has a zipper.

That was pretty much a novel about a handbag. Oh and I don't know if you've been to KOP lately but it's getting a GIANT Gucci store right next to LV.

Taryn said...

Yeah I am kind of thinking I might have to buy a graff speedy. My only issue is that the speedy I already have is a 30 also, but I guess it's still different right? And yeah I hate that the neverfulls don't have a zipper, it is dumb. I actually might be going to Miami next month so I'll definitely have to go to Bal Harbour. Aaaand I was at KOP last month and hadn't seen the Gucci -- that's exciting!

Heather said...

I kind of look at it like buying a piece of art? sort've? I think I'm just going to sell my 25, if it doesn't sell I'll keep it no big deal. It's really a shame the neverfull doesn't have a zipper because the inside of the graff one is really neat.

If you go to Miami definitely hit up Bal Harbour if you have a car and Palm Beach too, if not Collins Ave. (it has an Intermix, Barney's Co Op, etc), Ocean Drive (Versace's House and News Cafe where he ate, the food/drinks are actually kind of good).

We definitely should go shopping soon, lol.