Friday, January 9, 2009


Our Euro trip was amazing and probably the most fun I have ever had. We saw so many beautiful things and pieces of history, all while drinking tons of German beer (and wodka) and meeting great people. The trip has inspired me to go "backpacking" when my lease in Philadelphia is up. So at the end of April/beginning of May, I am going to buy a one-way plane ticket to Europe and go wherever my little heart desires. Maybe by the time I return the economy will have turned around? We can hope.

The only remaining part of the Berlin Wall

Genius in full effect at the WORLD FAMOUS GENERATOR BAR (best place ever). Yes, that is a Joe Jonas trading card in the tap.

Prague. These sandwiches they have there would be reason enough to move to the Czech Republic. Deep fried edam cheese (Smazeny syr - it looks like a chicken patty) on a bun with mayo. I can't even talk about it.

A very snowy Neuschwanstein Castle. Getting there was one of the craziest adventures of my life. Since neither of the Americans could actually drive a manual, our one Australian friend (Kevin Jonas) had to drive. This seemed like a good idea until we realized that in Australia they drive on the other side of the road. And they do not have snow. But we somehow made it there and back alive.

Biggest bestest beers ever. Oktoberfest 2k9? Dead serious.

Nickelback, trackiedacks, free hangover included, sink toilets, koalas in gutters, Baaaston, rangas, Lauren hates everything, speaking in Spanish, falling on the floor at the Hofbrauhaus, travel pillow everywhere, glowing teeth, is she eating a burrito? Ahhhh memoriesss. Ich liebe Deutschland.

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