Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have been buying soo many bright colored pieces lately. Out of character for me but I think it is part of Miami anticipation (5 days!).

Still need: faaaab new sandals! Suggestions?


Heather said...

where is the first dress and the last dress from?? i love the beading or detail or whatever it is on the last one. i'm so jealous of your miami trip, what do you have planned?

Taryn said...

The first one is from South Moon Under -- it's Collective Vintage. They have sooo much cute new spring stuff there! And the last one is actually from Arden B... I never go in there but I saw it in the window and loved it!
So far I don't have much of anything planned except lots of beach, lots of drinking and dinner at Sushi Samba. I am not going to have a car, so where are good places to shop in actual South Beach?