Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Obsession?

So since I have started at the PR firm that handles Ali Ro, I have become absolutely obsessssed! And after putting together a billion spring 09 look books and celeb giftings, I have decided it is definitely one of my favorite lines for spring 09 and it is totally affordable (plus, getting free dresses never hurt anyone). But definitely get into it now because every editor is just as in love as I am so it is going to be everywhere sooooon.

One of the dresses that a ton of celebs (and me!) got


So do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the spring collection on Ali Ro's website!


Monique R. said...

The only problem with the celeb dress/one you got was that it's a total rip off of a satin, ruffle sleeve dress by Built By Wendy for F/W 08 (that I own). GAH.

Taryn said...

i agree... however that silhouette and basic idea are repeated in different ways basically every season by one designer or another. the thing that makes a difference is the color/fabric and i love how casual the ali ro one is.