Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spiral Jetty

I think that "earthworks" is a really interesting idea... art that (technically) not be bought/sold/owned/relocated, but is just a part of nature. This Spiral Jetty is in the Great Salt Lake in Utah and was done by Robert Smithson in 1970. It is a 1500 ft jetty that is a road to nowhere and purely for decorative purpose. I think the most interesting part about it is how the earth has added to it in the 38 years that it has been there:

My American art professor took that picture in 2003... and, yes, that is all SALT that has crystallized onto the jetty and made tumble weed a new part of the piece. The Spiral Jetty is definitely being added to my ever expanding list of things to see /places to visit.

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liz said...

love it. reminds me of the gorge in seattle.