Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanks Mich

Since Michelle bought something on Gilt Group after I invited her, I got some free credits in my account so I obviously had to buy something(s) when the sample sales went up this afternoon.

Amrita Singh peacock feather bangle

Vera Wang Lavender Label jersey sequin panel tank

For those of you I haven't sent the invite to who want to check out Gilt Group (which you NNEEEEEED to do), go here! You'll get awesome prices on amazing labels and if you buy something you'll be getting meee credits!


Heather said...

i really like that peacock bangle, too bad i don't really ever switch up any of my jewelry.

oh and about the ysl online sale thing they were really ambiguous about it. for a while they had regular and sale prices and now they've just changed the price to the sale price so you never really know if things are on sale unless you've been watching. the tribute sandals are not on sale, but barney's had them for like 2 seconds for $455, but they didn't have my size.

Taryn said...

I really only have costume/fashion jewelry so I switch it up quite a bit. And I love the bangle/anything with peacocks :)