Monday, December 8, 2008

Shoes 2 Eat

Whenever I go to The Met the first thing I do is go to the 'Costume' section of the book/gift shop. I always find something amazing and yesterday's trip was no exception.

Vintage Shoes: Collecting and Wearing Twentieth-Century Designer Footwear
by Caroline Cox

About 25% of the shoes in there made me think "thank god I didn't live then", about 25% made me almost have a heart attack and die because I was so in love, and then there were a few things in the book that were just SO INSANE/amazing! Like the "Shoes to Eat" collection by Tokio Kumagai.

The meat one (above) was the only image I could find on the internet, but the collection was definitely really cool, and if you are in a book store I would suggest checking it out.

Within the museum I was excited to (finally) see Willie Cole's sculpture "Shine":

OK I am obviously obsessed with footwear but this piece is just really amazing when taken into the context of his work and I just find it very visually appealing. And while we are on the subject of shoes, there are a few FLUORESCENT Christian Louboutin's out right now that I am honestly so obsesssssed with.

Christian Louboutin C'est Moi shoe boots, $825

Christian Louboutin Privatita platform slingbacks, $795

Oh and I stumbled across this AMAZING picture that may or may not be the story of my life...

I REALLY need to make my Christmas/birthday ~wish list~. Really.

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