Friday, April 4, 2008


The movie 21 is definitely not something to run out and see. Don't get me wrong, it was mildly entertaining... but the story was poor and it was WAY too long for what it was (this is the thing I most commonly find wrong with movies). And while Jim Sturgess is definitely a babe, I think I will always have something against him after that horrible disgrace of a movie that was apparently trying to ruin the songs by one of the best bands of all times (ahem, ahem). I did like the fact of how much your accurately were shown of Las Vegas (the casinos, bars, hotels, etc) but I didn't like the fact that one minute these "high-rollers" were shown throwing down thousands upon thousands in stores like Gucci and then shortly after were struggling for a few thousand dollars -- it just didn't add up. However, I love casino-based movies (The Cooler - which everyone should see, the Oceans series, etc) and the idea of card counting. While I do not think this is anything I would ever be able to do because even that "simple math" would be far too much for me, it is definitely very interesing PLUS I love black jack. I have been playing online black jack that tells you what you did right/wrong after every move. I am trying to get good/confident enough so that next time I am in Las Vegas I can play at an actual, real-life, scary TABLE. With that being said, I am at my last and final point... this silly movie produced enough Vegas withdrawal within me that I booked our ("deluxe") hotel room to celebrate Jess' 21st birthday in FABULOUS LAS VEGAS... July 24-27. Phew, it has been too long!

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