Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dig Out Your Soul

Oasis' new(ish) song "The Shock of the Lightning" makes me extremely happy because it isn't total shit like most of the recent stuff that have put out and it sounds a lot like the Oasis that is one of my favorite bands ever (and kind of like the Foo Fighters, or am I totally crazy??!
And in a surprising turn of events, it appears the approaching release of their new album, Dig Out Your Soul, has caused Noel Gallagher to stop being the biggest dickhead in the world and offer their album for "free" on their Myspace page a week early (very surprising after all of the ...wonderful... things he had to say about Radiohead's pay what you will release). The full article is on the New York Times Online and the album will be up for everyone to hear tomorrow! CANNOT WAIT.

Dig Out Your Soul trailer:

Oh, and when you thought it couldn't get any better, they have announced their tour dates and are playing Philadelphia ON MY BIRTHDAY. Happy Birthday to meee :)

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