Monday, September 15, 2008

Come back when you're tan, or tall, whichever happens first.

Entourage has been one of my favorite shows since the first day it aired, but like many series, it has definitely started to lose a lot of steam since its beginning. In fact, the new season premiere on September 7th I was debating whether or not I should watch the new episode last night. But I am very glad that I did! It was a hundred times better than the first of the season... Which leads me to my dissection of the show; what it needs more of and less of:
More - Ari Gold (and his interactions with Lloyd and others, loved the Mark Wahlberg appearance), Drama being INSANE, Turtle
Less - E and Vince. Yes, I do realize the show is loosely based around the livelihoods of these characters, but less face it... Vince is boring and E is just SO ANNOYING. I heard many rumors that this season is going to concentrate more on E developing his career as a manager and Vince failing as an actor (which seems true as of last night), so let's just hope they don't revolve the stories around this TOO much... that would be a surefire way to not get signed on for another season.

And lastly, obviously very excited about my favorite GG Princess being on the show:

Loooove Meester!

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