Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different

While there was a lot of talk surrounding Lifetime's original movie, the biography of Coco Chanel, I think the fact that it was THREE HOURS LONG probably scared most people away. But since DVR is the best invention ever, I watched it. While I enjoyed it simply for the fact that it was Gabrielle Chanel's "life story" (to a certain extent), I think that there was more I didn't like about the movie than liked. My biggest gripe... Audrey Tatou played a young Coco Chanel, so fittingly, she had a French accent. Fast-forward to post-World War 2 Coco... Shirley MacLaine, who made absolutely NO attempt at a French accent. Strange that the head of the Parisian fashion world spoke like she was from Ohio, huh? As well as this, like most movies/TV shows/etc, it focused too much on the ~love~ story, when I (and probably a lot of other people) wanted to be seeing the foundation of her fashion empire. Not that this was ignored, but it certainly wasn't a big enough focus in the movie. I guess if you are absolutely a Chanel addict the movie is worth watching, but otherwise, don't waste your time.

Oh and side note... last night I had a dream that Chanel had a store similar to the Marc Jacobs accessories store and I got a nylon oversized Chanel clutch for $220. But since that obviously is not and never will be reality, I have decided I would like a Chanel bag for my college graduation/birthday/Christmas. So if anyone plans on spending over $2k on me this winter, a Chanel bag would be greatly appreciated.


liz said...
how good are thossssse
ps i got u wit the chanel thing nbd

taryn said...

cuuute! and oh so you are buying me a chanel?

Heather said...

Cigarette holder, REALLY? ew. They did have one oversize clutch I saw on bagsnob that I liked but not really practical for me, it'd be way too heavy. I'll make sure I visit them I don't think I've ever been in one at all.

I had NO idea they confirmed the second movie! I don't think my boyfriend will come anywhere near the theater after the last movie.