Monday, September 29, 2008

The Coen Bros. did it again!

Seriously, if you have any sort of self respect, go see Burn After Reading AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It was sooo funny, and I am slightly obsessed with Brad Pitt's character (even though I have a slight dislike towards him in recent years due to his relationship with a certain individual...). But the story was really different than most of the dribble that comes out these days (however, I am still entertained by that stuff, too) and every character was really good, although their behavior patterns made me slightly depressed.

Dexter is one of those shows I never really made a huge attempt to get into. While I have seen almost episode due to the obsession my roommate(s) and friends have with the show, Dexter's sister, DEB (played by Jennifer Carpenter aka dumb bitch from Emily Rose), makes me want to rip my hair out... so it kind of kept me away. But last night there was a gap in my TV-watching/homework-doing schedule, so I decided to watch the season premiere. It was pretty good, yet as always... totally over the top and unbelievable. But, I guess that just makes it slightly less predictable than "crime dramas" of the past (Law & Order <3). I have yet to decide if "totally over the top and unbelievable" is a good thing or a bad thing, I guess only time will tell...

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