Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mojito vs. Black

I saw this picture on The Sartorialist and my heart stopped beating. I am absolutely in love with everything about it. It makes me want to be on an exotic beach wearing a gorgeous bright long flowing dress and drinking a mojito... years ago I decided that due to my height (or lack thereof) I should never wear long dresses but this photograph makes me reconsider.
Instead I am like every other girl in an east coast metropolitan area... black black and more black every single day. My wardrobe at the moment is black leggings with a steady rotation of various boots(top optional?). I tried to change this up slightly the other day when I was at the new Jersey Shore Outlets (amazing, by the way) by buying a pair of gorgeous chocolate brown boots. After wearing them last night and realizing walking in them was like walking on 5 inches of heaven, I asked my dad to please please please go back to the outlets and get me them in black as well so that now I can wear a variation of these boots every single day and fool the world into thinking I am 5'8"... which would be a perfect height to wear that flowing dress above, wouldn't it? Ohhh who am I kidding?

At least she looks great, too!


Heather said...

new outlets?

i still want to go to the ones right outside of nyc, i think they're called woodbury commons. they have a ysl, chanel, chloe, dvf, gucci..... pretty much anything ever you can think of.

Taryn said...

I have been told by a few people that those outlets suck... nothing good, long waits to get in stores, etc. These outlets are owned by the same company though. Burberry, Michael Kors and Cole Haan were amaaazing!

Heather said...

oh poo, that's dissapointing. i may still have to go just to go. the outlets in limerick, pa are OK. i just like the niemans, i got my CL's there for like $200! they have a michael kors, bcbg, and cole haan there.

no winners here said...

woodbury commons does kinda suck.. seriously not worth it.

Ross said...

black on black on black is always hot