Monday, November 3, 2008

Pull another rabbit out of your hat

Since Cirque du Soleil's are ALWAYS amazing and Criss Angel's show, Mindfreak (while I am not a sUpErFaN), is always pretty crazy, we decided to go to the last night of the 'rehearsal' of this show in Las Vegas. I was really interested to see how the two worked together and NEVER would I ever have expected to be so incredibly disappointed by either a Cirque du Soleil or something Criss Angel (ok, minus the theme song for his show). But this show literally put me to sleep at least 7 times, and I was not the only one (I believe the man sitting on the other side of Lauren was napping too). Probably the only redeeming factor was that they served 32oz mixed drinks -- HUGE! Anyway, why did this show suck soo badly? First of all, I would say a good 85% of it was absolutely nothing. Him yapping about something dumb or some mimes doing weirdo mime things. Next, the "story" was not only stupid but it made NO sense. Besides that, the only "magic" he really did was "disappear" and "reappear" somewhere else... along with changing clothes really fast but due to flaws in their operation I am convinced that was done either with lights or some Criss Angel look-a-likes. And besides the Criss Angel bummmmout, there was literally NO Cirque du Soleil aspect to the production at all. When I (or anyone else) thinks of Cirque du Soleil I think of acrobats, contortionists, crazy round stage set ups (this was a standard theater stage)... and all that Believe had was a few elaborate costumes and flexible dancers. Basically, we would have been better off seeing any other Cirque du Soleil again (I would've been fine with seeing The Beatles' Love one for the third time) or some Criss Angel street magic. I feel bad for Luxor for signing this crap for a five year contract. Do nottt see!

Oh and one more thing... if I EVER have to see Criss Angel's boobs again I am going to gauge my eyes out.

Edit: This is a "response" Criss Angel had to all of the negative criticism as well as a bunch of people complaining who hated it just as much/more than me. I really don't understand how he thinks the only thing people have been complaining about is the fact that you can see the wires on the backs of the Cirque performers...

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