Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I know that I am not the only person who couldn't hold back the tears last night during the election coverage... Our country is finally proving to the ENTIRE world that we are not stupid people that thinks the universe revolves solely around us. I was reading many German, Swiss, and UK news sites today... it is phenomenal how excited even THEY are about what we accomplished. I am so proud of this country and the amount of people that got out to vote yesterday! We truly are a huge part of history and that is just incredible.
However, on a less cheery note, it really saddens me how many closet racists there are in this country -- especially the people in our generation! People who care more about Barack Obama's middle name over his policies and the state that our country is currently in. Or others only care about money, and the funny part about it is that a ton of the people I have seen complaining about that will be getting a tax break under the Democrats? It is 2008, ignorance is not cool? Along with that, Proposition 8 passing in California was a complete shock and really upsets me. Amazing couples (Ellen and Portia, PERFECT, for starters) are going to have this great union taken away from them because of pointless homophobia. With all of the progress we made yesterday as a nation, some people just continue to amaze me... put at least we are taking great steps in the right direction! :)


ColleenMac said...

"How does this California anti-gay outlook manifest itself in comparison to the passion for change that was embodied in Obama's campaign which historically drew millions more young voters than ever before"

Definitely interesting.

I was in tears, as well. What an amazing, historical night. I've never been so excited for the future! It's just incredible to think that most of the country actually loves our soon to be president.

no winners here said...

when he gave the hispanics a shout out I started to cry.

I'm so proud!

Taryn said...

i am a little concerned that he didn't give the croatians a shout out!