Tuesday, November 25, 2008


All I have ever wanted was to be finished with school and in less than a month I will be handing in my final college paper, taking my last exam, and getting ready for my diploma ceremony; I can't even be excited about it. This economy is so terrible every time I am in the elevator at work I hear about 3 or 1 or 6 people getting laid off from some company in the building. AWESOME time to be looking for a job... I wish I had just begun pushing life off further and applying to grad school or maybe I'll just become a vagabond (RE: Elton John's "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?").

I hate being a pessimist but I am just hooooping that this gets better soon because I do not want to be a bum and there are lots of things that I want that would make me happy happy happyyyy!

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Dots Ring; ugh I die.

Yesterday in Saks Fifth Avenue I was tricked into thinking the entire shoe department was 40% and wanted to walk out into the cold streets with these YSL Tribute Sandals on my feet however it was a mean trick and alas, they are not on my feet.

I love this girls stockings but once I did this to mine for a "pirate party" and I am not sure how it would work out if I did it again? Eh, why not.

And two of my favorite people to look at on earth... once again, why not?


Heather said...

did you check out YSL they're having a sale it started friday.

if not you can always check the website.

Taryn said...

I unfortunately did not have time :( I am not really seeing any sale stuff on the website?