Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Online Sample Sales

are great when you are avoiding working on a German project and want a new Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace:

Yay! OK, back to work.


Heather said...

I never find anything at those websites, hautelook, ruelala, giltgroup, they never have my size left and I'm always worried stuff won't fit. Have you ever bought anything from them?

And are you not the most excited person ever to graduate??? ITS SO SOON.

Taryn said...

Yeah, I got it from GiltGroup. I have not bought clothes from them before... there were a few cute Marc by Marc dresses onsale yesterday but they were all sold out but the time I got to look. However they usually allow returns on clothes for 14 days (but not on accessories). They do have a lot of great accessories though!
And yessss, most excited/stressed person everrrrr.