Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Louis Vuitton + Murakami

Finally, after being released to select Louis Vuitton stores June 15 (they had previously only been at the Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn museum), some good photos of the new Murakami with Louis Vuitton line have been put on the internet. Prior to this I had only seen one photo in a magazine and it wasn't a very good one... I didn't think that I liked the line and now that I have seen a better picture -- I definitely do not like it (however, I do like it better than the previous Murakami/LV). To me, Louis Vuitton is the epitome of classical, timeless fashion... and these basically look like someone took a Dickies bag and screen printed little LV's all of it. Cannot ~wait~ to see the knock-offs of these all over the place (please note the obvious sarcasm).

1 comment:

little orange cat. said...

i wan't there to be a knock off made with the fucking cherries or hideous flowers on top of this print so i can buy it for you.