Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baggy Jeans?!

Victoria Beckham, really? It is RARE to see a photo of her without sky-high stilettos on... But I can see the flip-flops for a day at Disneyland with the fam, five inch heels would not be practical even for the poshest of them all. But, those BAGGY jeans?! Are those David's??? I can name about a thousand different articles of clothing that would have been just as comfortable and not completely heinous. OH well, she is still perfect in my eyes.


liz said...

i serrrriously love those. i'm not lying. i was actually gonna buy baggy jeans.. but like not suuuper jnco baggy but like baggy-ish.. i'm telling you.. just wait till this blows up and i see you in (high waisted) baggy jeans!!!!! HAHA

taryn said...

it already has blown up on like every runway but ugh! totally one of those things i could never pull off because i have a big ass and you need to be a stick to wear them. maybe i am just bein a hater