Friday, June 20, 2008

Showtime needs to step it up

So, while I was anticipating the start of the fourth season of Weeds, I had also known the show was on its way down since third season. It had just become too ridiculous and too unbelievable (I say this as if the scenario was ever "believable") but was just interested to see how they would even TRY to keep it going after the season three finale. And anyone who saw the season premiere, Mother Thinks the Birds Are After Her, the attempt wasn't very successful. Instead, it has become even MORE unbelievable (yes, moving 2 hours south to San Diego will make allll of her problems disappear... riiiight). There still are some funny parts but definitely not as good as in the first season (which was amazing!) or the second season. Basically, I am disappointed. But I will probably keep watching because now I just HAVE to know what happens with stupid Nancy Botwin. Oh, and about Nancy Botwin... I liked in the beginning of series how they made her easy to like and made her remain somewhat wholesome and have now turned her into a backstabbing whore. I'm just not on her side anymore? And I think that was the initial goal of the show?

I also decided I would try out the new series, Secret Diary of a Call Girl (the name is too long). I actually already saw the first two episodes (yay for OnDemand), and the first one was definitely better than the second. I liked the introduction type of thing she did in the first episode. I do not like that they are breaking the fourth wall in the show (think first few episodes of Sex & the City, main character talking to the camera). I guess it is good for establishing the premise of the show but I think it will get really old really quickly and I am assuming they will eventually stop it just like they did on S&TC. So while I kind of enjoyed the first episode, although they could have calmed down with the amount of sex scenes, the second episode didn't really old my attention. The show also appears really low budget, and doesn't seem to be purposeful, and it seems silly for such a huge company like Showtime to do that. So I can't really decide what I think but I will probably watch a few more episodes to see where it goes.

In conclusion (god I suck), Showtime has nothing on HBO. New season of Entourage NOW please!

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liz said...

dont worry.. californication is back on in august and i CANNOT FREAKING WAIT cause david duchovny is like THEEE sexiest man alive? i met his stylist at the spa and she was tellin me all about him. im in love.