Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top 10 Summer Essentials

So since every magazine/website/everything I read has lists of summer "must haves", I decided that I should obviously make my own because I know everyone is very interested (alright, and I am procrastinating).


Stila's Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15
I am totally not a foundation type of person, so this is fabulous for me, but definitely perfect for ANYONE in the summertime. It gives very light coverage to even out your skin tone (it comes in 10 different shades), moisturizes, AND with protects your skin from the sun to keep yucky wrinkles away!


Gladiator Sandals
Yessss I know, me and everyone else is obsessed, so this is very obvious. I have a couple of pairs already and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new platform ones. They are a perfect accessory to compliment a plain outfit, and I love that I do not have gross monkey feet so they look amazing on me!


Fun, bright nailpolish!
OPI's The "IT" Color is one of my favorite, and their Mod About Brights collection also has perfect shades of blue, green, orange, pink, and coral. I need to stay away from Ulta because I buy too many bottles of nail polish... which is silly since I get my nails and toes done every two weeks anyway (an all-of-the-time essential, not just summer!).


Bumble and Bumble DeFrizz
Anyone who spends the summer months on the East Coast knows the humidity is hard to beat. Bumble and Bumbles DeFrizz serum is highly concentrated, but not too sticky, it gives you some shine and ACTUALLY works. You can use it on straight or curly hair... I would be lost without it.


Looooots of Sunglasses!
Victoria Beckham is rarely seen without a fabulous pair of oversized sunglasses on -- she knows what's up. Sunglasses protect your eyes from damaging sunlight, prevent nasty crows feet from squinting, and they are a perfect way to accessorize! I love sunglasses. Okay, I reeeeeeeally love sunglasses.


High waistlines are absolutely amazing. They are so flattering and turn anything from denim shorts to a cotton skirt into a fashionable item that can be worn with sandals for a casual daytime look or dressed up with heels. My collection of high waist shorts, pants, skirts, etc has been ever expanding for the last few months... and I don't see it stopping anytime soon.


NARS Bronzing Powder
While I am naturally much more tan than the average white girl, I take precautions to keep the sun off my face because I never want wrinkles (heellllllo SPF). This bronzer is amazing for kinda faking that natural glow and comes in two pretty colors. In the summertime I use the darker of the two, Casino, but I would recommend Laguna to anyone who doesn't have quick tanning olive skin.


While smoothies are definitely good all year round, they are perfect walking through the city on a hot summer day. My favorite is strawberry banana (sorry Lauren)!


Body Scrub
Before I go out in the sun for an extended period of time, I make sure to use a body scrub so I get a nice eeeeven tan. They're even better in summery scents like this coconut one from Philosophy (ALL of their stuff smells soo good).


Duuuh! I already have plans to go to Los Angeles and Las Vegas (San Francisco may be in the works as well), as well as little trips like to the Hamptons (and basically any beach as often as humanly possible). If it was up to me I would be traveling 90% of the year... so if anyone wants to plan any vacations in late August, let me know!


liz said...

1. why do boys hate high waisted stuff? i ask and every time the answer is because it reminds them of a mom. little do they know women's bodies look supppaaa fine in high waisted jeans because they hide love handles. duuuh.
2. recommend me a good tinted tanner lotion for my legz pls?!

taryn said...

1. i don't think all boys do? but the answer is probably because they are stupid
2. i use the jergens natural glow stuff, and they also make another one that is a gradual 3 day tanner type of thing? maybe try that! oh i also remember in posh's book she wrote about the best tanners, i will look into it for you bb