Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stole this from Liz

Your Birthdate: December 19

You are resilient, and no doubt your resilience has already been tested.

You've had some difficult experiences in your life, but you are wise from them.

Having had to grow up quickly, you tend to discount the advice of others.

You tend to be a loner, having learned that the only person you can depend on is yourself.

Your strength: Well developed stability and confidence

Your weakness: Suspicion of others

Your power color: Eggplant

Your power symbol: Spade

Your power month: October

Ehh, I like reading/doing things like this... but this is pretty inaccurate. I don't think I in any way had to "grow up quickly" and I definitely am the furthest thing from a loner. However, eggplant is one of my favorite colors!

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