Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This jewelry designer, OctopusMe, has a really interesting line that uses real octopus to make their jewelry (such as the earrings above. They cast the tentacles in sterling silver, and even make custom jewelry. This both intrigues me and skeeves me out (I have an irrational fear of octopus that stems from the 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea ride at Disney), and I can't quite figure out if this is cruel or not? It doesn't really say on the site how/where they get the tentacles but it does point out that they regenerate soo, I don't know? Thoughts? The price of these don't seem too terrible either -- starting at about $42 and going up to around $160. Definitely original.

An accessories trend I am really into, however, is all of the feathers! Everywhere! On everything! Such as the feather hairclip (Urban Outfitters, $18) and the headband (Urban Outfitters, $18) pictured above. Now, I realize I would most certainly look like Pocahontas with any sort of feather accessory anywhere on my head, but this just may be a risk I am willing to take. Who DOESN'T like Pocahontas anyway?!

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